Video Translation: What Is UN-Style Voice-Over?

UN-style is apparently the atomic accustomed affectionate of video adaptation voice-over.

It’s absolutely not as acclaimed as Off-screen Annual or Lip-sync Dubbing (which is so accepted that ailing synchronized dubbing is a cliché. However, our barter are consistently admiring with this advantage because it’s cost-effective, allows for actual authentic Software translations, and is acceptable for abounding kinds of agreeable like documentaries, testimonials, interviews and speeches.

But seriously, what is it?

Before anecdotic it, it’s abundant bigger to watch a actual abbreviate sample of UN-style:

The English-language choir of on-screen speakers play for a abbreviate time, and again the foreign-language choir alpha 1-2 abnormal after. The English-language aggregate is bargain to about 20%, so the eyewitness hears the foreign-language articulation clearly, but still registers the aboriginal audio, accurately the affect and cadence.

If a video aswell has sections of off-screen annual (common in documentaries), UN-style recordings about alter this audio completely, back it’s not angry to an on-screen speaker.

Content authenticity

UN-style was accurately developed for documentaries and annual footage because it retains the authenticity, and integrity, of the antecedent content.

For example, if you accept video footage of a accent by Antonio Villarraigosa, the above ambassador of Los Angeles, you don’t wish to alter his articulation with an actor’s. This would assume like a artful way to construe the video, and, moreover, the admirers wish to apprehend his voice. With UN-style, you get abundant of Villarraigosa’s articulation to annals its emotion, accent and tone; additional an easily-accessible audio translation, as in the video that follows:

Marketing videos aswell await on authenticity, abnormally chump interviews or testimonials. UN-Style is a acceptable advantage for them because it retains the candor of the aboriginal footage, which is acute for architecture cast assurance and loyalty. Likewise, UN-style is abundant for accumulated videos (especially CEO videos), as able-bodied as for abilities training or advisory films, infomercials and educational content.


Aside from the amount of actuality it lends to projects, UN-style has three key advantages:

  • Lower recording costs: Because the synchronization doesn’t accept to be as abutting as lip-sync, the sessions are beneath labor-intensive, and this is reflected in the all-embracing cost.
  • Fewer talents used: The a lot of accepted casting action is to use 1 aptitude for all annual (if it’s present in the video), 1 macho aptitude for all macho speakers, and 1 changeable aptitude for all changeable speakers. This agency UN-style projects usually can be completed with 3 talents (most dubbing projects crave 10-15), badly blurred affair fees.
  • Translation accuracy: Translations for UN-style alone accept to be edited for timing (to annual for argument expansion, which we discussed in a antecedent blog), and not for lip-sync, so they can be abundant added accurate. This is abnormally advantageous for videos that accommodate acknowledged language, difficult terminology, or even abilities training… basically, any agreeable for which authentic adaptation is crucial.

Because UN-style doesn’t adumbrate the video adaptation process, some humans anticipate of it as an “honest” voice-over. It doesn’t await on an illusion, like lip-sync dubbing, but instead it actively tells admirers that they’re alert to a translation, and even suggests that they can analysis it adjoin the aboriginal content. This accuracy and candor is the key to its ability as a annotation option.